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" I struggled with my weight all my life. Dr Razack invested time in our sessions where I eventually realized why I was eating foods that were harmful to me. Through his patience and guidance I was able to make better choices. I have since lost 15kg, and I now understand better how a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and ultimately leads to a better lifestyle " Salmaan Ismail

"We are truly grateful for the services of Dr Adil Razack, over the years he has helped our family with our health related needs and his knowledge and holistic approach to medicine combining the physical and mental and realizing the impact of health from a family perspective, puts his services ahead of other health professionals we have come across. I would highly recommend his services as his level of empathy and patience for the people he serves makes him a physician not only to call apon but he becomes part of the family structure with a drive to see improvement in the family as a whole, As a family physician he is well equipped and versed to assist with palliative care, pediatrics,  general chronic conditions,  minor surgery, referral and assistance with specialist requirements, psychology and counseling and aid with death certificates and the process there of. These are but a few of his services we utilized over the years and which he is not limited too, should you wish to call on him. We would like to thank him as a family and wish him well with his future endeavors".  Anwar and Nazely Adams.

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